Brian Kirk – About Love

Kirk LE P&W February 2024

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Live Encounters Poetry & Writing February 2024.

About Love, poem by Brian Kirk.

About Love

for Laura

Looking back I have so many questions.
Why then, out of all the countless moments?
Why you, from a city made of millions?
Was it the moon or drink that shaped that sense
of kismet, a rush of oxytocin,
surge of dopamine, hypothalamus
reacting, repressing serotonin?
What was it made two people become us?
A miracle of nature or a fluke,
a random deed in a contingent world?
An act of God that made the heavens shake,
a sacred scripture that our hands unfurled?
Why should it matter after all this time
if faith or science birthed the sublime?

© Brian Kirk

Brian Kirk has published two poetry collections with Salmon Poetry, After The Fall (2017) and Hare’s Breath (2023) and a short fiction chapbook It’s Not Me It’s You (Southword Editions, 2019). His novel Riverrun was chosen as a winner of the Irish Writers Centre Novel Fair 2022. Twitter: @briankirkwriter

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