Lorraine Gibson – Antidote for Lost Love

Gibson LE P&W February 2024

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Live Encounters Poetry & Writing February 2024.

Antidote for Lost Love, poem by Lorriane Gibson.

Antidote for Lost Love

Clearing out our house,
I sorted
through the tartan
biscuit tin
full of old
I asked the ether,

Was I not enough?

At the markets, I scanned
a selection of fresh
were honied and dark.
I took the type
I fancied home—licked
thick smooth chocolate
from the underside
of a new kind of biscuit.
It wasn’t long before
the tartan-tin
was replenished.
Thus satisfied,
I discovered life
offers many variations
of black and white.

© Lorraine Gibson

Lorraine Gibson is a Scottish Australian poet and writer living in regional Australia. In 2023 she was shortlisted for the Calanthe Press Poetry Prize. Since retiring from her work as a Cultural Anthropologist she has been drawn to writing poetry. Her poetry appears or is upcoming in: Meniscus, The Galway Review, Hecate, Eureka St, Prole, Live Encounters, Backstory, Brushstokes III, Poetry for The Planet, Booranga FourW, Book of Matches, Tarot, Last Stanza, and others. Lorraine has a PhD. in Anthropology from Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia. Her book, ‘We Don’t Do Dots: Aboriginal Art and Culture in Wilcannia, New South Wales’ is published in the UK by Sean Kingston Press.

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