Live Encounters Magazine February 2019

I have seen violence in the four corners of the world. I remember once in the Lebanon, right after the war of devastation, I was walking through the ruins of Beirut with a friend called Söula Saad. She remarked to me that her city had been destroyed seven times. I asked her half in jest why they did not give up re-building and just move elsewhere. “Because this is our city,” she answered. “Because those who do not honor the earth where their ancestors are buried will be damned for ever.” – Paulo Coelho, Pandora’s Box.

Live Encounters Magazine Feb 2019

Paulo Coelho – Pandora’s Box
David Morgan – Why John Ruskin Still Matters
Randhir Khare -Walking With Shamans Part II
Dr Emma Larking – Totalitarianism and Refugee Camps
Dr Candess M Campbell – Lover Archetype
Joo Peter – Chhath – Varanasi
Jude Cowan Montague – Paris Pavements d’Or
Mikyoung Cha – Serendipity
Ozlem Warren – Homemade Cezerye
Mark Ulyseas – Veritas vos liberabit

LE Mag Feb 2019


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