LE Children Poetry & Writing March 2019

Percy Bysshe Shelley regarded poets as “the best legislators in the world’. That so, then children are the wisest legislators, thus the saying “out of the mouths of babes.” Ask a child what something looks, tastes, sounds, smells, feels like and you’ll get a stunning reply. “My arm’s gone fizzy” (pins and needles), “you smell of swan” or “Nana, the sun has no shadow” (on a hot day). Metaphor and simile fall from them like a harvest of linguistic treasures. Skipping forward in time from Shelley, the great musician Yehudi Menuhin once made the point that when a child reaches the age of reason, a shadow seems to fall over creativity. He says that society forces the child to hide those wonderful and unique ways of describing the world for fear of seeming foolish. ”. – Eileen Casey

LE Children Poetry & Writing March 2019

Eileen Casey – The Mouths of Babes – Guest Editorial
Children Contributors:  Abby, Ethan, Erin, Mark, Renee, Róisín, Sonny, Heather, Annie, Cassie, Ceri, Ella Skye Hackney, Tiffany, CETNS Dublin, Sarah, Dublin Schoolchildren: Adam, Aoife, Arthur, Ashkan, Cian, Conor, Daniel, Deen, Dina, Ella, Eve, Filips, Finn, Isabelle, Kajetan, Magdalena, Maisy Fae, Maya, Saman,, Sara, Sarah, Sofia, Stefan, Taariq, Ted, Umiya, Zainab.

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