Live Encounters Poetry & Writing April 2018

Karl Marx said all history was economic. To some extent the man was right, but only to some extent. There are so many aspects of life and in nature that won’t be quantified, bought or sold. A number of years ago, while taking part in a literature festival on Bali, I watched a woman sprinkling water in reverential and ritual fashion that, immediately, reminded of my childhood in the west of Ireland – of my father, in particular, sprinkling holy water all around the house during storms or, indeed, on animals and crops for reasons known to him and to our ancestors of thousands of years. We believed in the power of water. Water was drawn to him and he to water. – Terry McDonagh, Live Encounters Magazine, Dec. 2014
Live Encounters Poetry & Writing April 2018

Angela Patten – Whither The Ovenbird
Bob Shakeshaft – Aberration
Dr Greta Sykes – Ides of March 2018
Geraldine Mills – Where you went
Hongri Yuan – Wings of Light
James Martyn Joyce – Last Train to San Fernando
Joachim Matschoss – Haiku Singapore
Mark Ulyseas – Nothing is Eternity
Niall Cahir – Nature’s Oath
Noel Monahan – Chalk Dust
Terry McDonagh – 44 Cantos

Live Encounters Poetry & Writing April 2018 PDF


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