Live Encounters Magazine February 2017

The theme song of nationalism, often spiced by religion, has morphed into a catchy advertising jingle. The brand name, colour coding and strategic media placing has colonised the sub-consciousness of the herd…a herd that is proliferating at an alarming rate. Often the herd is frightened into stampeding, destroying everything in its path. The mechanism used to frighten the herd is a non-existent internal or external threat often engineered for profit at the expense of innocent lives and the truth. – Mark Ulyseas

Live Encounters Magazine February 2017

Dr Howard Richards – The Future of the United States of America
Dr Ashok Sharma – Indian Lobbying and its Influence in US Decision Making: Post-Cold War
Dr Cynthia Banham – Civil Society Resistance in Liberal Democracies in a Time of Rising Non-Accountability
Dr Namrata Goswami – China is gearing up to conquer its final frontier: Outer Space
David Morgan – A World of Strange Errors
Cauvery Ganapathy – The Life of the Nation is a Daily Plebiscite
Chaitanya Guttikar – The Salt Prints – II
Emma Barone – Underwater Dream
Joo Peter – Myanmar – A Cosmos to Discover
Mark Ulyseas – Nationalism and the Herd
Mikyoung Cha – Sea Fever
Ozlem Warren – Chocolate Cake with Red Peppers Flakes for Valentine’s Day!

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