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Nationalism and the Herd – Mark Ulyseas

What makes people behave like lobotomized folk when they rally around the flag of their country?

And when one adds religion, then country and religion become two sides of a coin – A potent amalgamation of delusions that is highly contagious.

We have lost our ability to reason in a crisis and instead resort to mindless chanting of slogans while waving our blood stained flags. Is this self-induced brainwashing alienating us from life itself, from the natural order of things, and driving us against the force of Nature onward to our extinction?

Those possessing the power to herd people together like cattle have successfully created their own niches in the form of countries, countries that barricade themselves with borders, checkpoints and religion. These powerful people project an illusion of greatness, while in fact they have feet of clay. But their mesmerized followers choose to ignore the obvious and prefer to accept the standard fare dished out by spin doctors whose sole objective is to turn the populace into dumbed down citizens with a herd mentality. They are winning. Look around and witness the controlled order in the chaos amidst the inhumanity and the rising tide of frenzied flag waving.

Why do we need to respect a flag and national anthem? And why does disrespect translate into one being called a traitor? Should such indignation in fact be directed at growing poverty, homelessness, physical/mental/sexual abuse, lack of education and rape of the environment? Or, are these man-made afflictions unimportant when it comes to flag and country? And does religion override these festering sores of humanity?

The theme song of nationalism, often spiced by religion, has morphed into a catchy advertising jingle. The brand name, colour coding and strategic media placing has colonised the sub-consciousness of the herd…a herd that is proliferating at an alarming rate. Often the herd is frightened into stampeding, destroying everything in its path. The mechanism used to frighten the herd is a non-existent internal or external threat often engineered for profit at the expense of innocent lives and the truth.

The warped understanding of the term our values is used as a weapon to drive out or destroy those who are alien to it and therefore viewed as a threat.

It matters little if the concerned herd has invaded, occupied and turned another’s land into their own grazing ground.

It matters little if a herd descends on a land and displaces those living upon it for centuries, citing excerpts from a book as proof of previous ownership.

It matters little if a herd creates its own grazing ground and builds borders and hoists its flag…dividing a land in a bloody encounter, displacing millions and creating a permanent state of hostilities with another herd.

It matters little if the history of a herd has been creatively reinvented by self-appointed guardians with the sole intention of developing an exceptional brand of nationality.

It matters little if a herd anoints the founders of their herd as Founding Fathers. As if these ‘Fathers’ were the ones that fathered the herd.

It matters little if members of a herd commit mass murder on behalf of the herd for it is good to kill and/or die with honour not protecting one’s country but annexing others or simply destroying the homes of innocent people for land and/or natural resources and/or for political purposes.

It matters little if the national anthem is sung with great pride above the cries of squabbling vultures feeding off corpses on a battlefield or those who are starving to death in the herd.

However, what does matter is the sanitised history of the herd, its religion and our way of life (whatever this means).

The rest is unimportant; like the sanctity of life, preservation of Nature and the adherence to one’s Faith of peace, love, charity and forgiveness.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om

© Mark Ulyseas

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