Live Encounters Poetry February 2017

In this terrible and alarming, dark time when a tyrant President, who does not see us, is threatening to upend the value and support for the arts, which is to say, support for the culture, which is to say, the support for what makes us who we are and human, I have been thinking about significance. Former US Poet Laureate Robert Pinsky, in his recent visit to Los Angeles told the Ruskin Art Club audience, it is not economic strength or military strength that holds a country together––it is its culture. – Elena Karina Byrne

Live Encounters Poetry February 2017s

Elena Karina Byrne – Guest Editorial and Poems
Dr Stephen Haven – Minute Man and other Poems
Randhir Khare – Burning
Cathy Colman – Two Poems
Lorraine Carey – Pounding Pillows
Margaret O’Driscoll – Poets Paint Pictures
Nasrin Parvaz – Exile
Azril Bacal – Snapshots
Michael J Whelan – A Hundred Black Horizons
Colette Nic Aodha – Etching
Sally Bliumis-Dunn – Portraits
Colin Dardis – Reshaping

LE Poetry February 2017 s

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