Live Encounters Magazine July 2013

Live Encounters Magazine July 2013

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Sally Mckenna – Well-known Irish Painter, Sculptor and Sketch Artist – An Exclusive on Her Life and Works
Ashis Nandy and The Cultural Politics of Selfhood – Christine Deftereos
Graeme Hamilton – Profile of an Artist, Musician, Vocalist, Composer and Producer
Sabbah Haji – A Woman of Substance in a Live Encounter
Peregrinus – Terry McDonagh
Ingrid Storholmen – author of Voices from Chernobyl in an interview with Mark Ulyseas
Elephant Aid International – Improving Elephant Welfare – Carol Buckley
Feel your Feelings! – Candess M Campbell
A Royal Anointing: Not Power But Destiny – Natalie Wood
Rise Up or Die – Chris Hedges – This article was first published on Truthdig 

Live Encounters Magazine July 2013 S

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