Live Encounters Arab Poets
in Translation August 2023

LE Arab P&W August 2023

Dr Salwa Gouda – Guest editorial
Ahmad Al-Shahawy
Ahmed Al-Muraikhi
Ahmed Nabawi
Aicha Bassry
Ali Al-Shalah
Chawki Bazih
Esraa Al-Nimr
Essam Khalifa
Faris Khader
Gerges Shoukry
Hassan Najmi
Kamal Abdel Hamid
Maha Otoum
Mohamed Miloud Grafi
Muhammad Al-Kafrawi
Muhammad Al-Mutayyam
Musa Hawamdeh
Nagat Ali
Nihad Zaki
Parween Habib
Reem Najmi
Sameh Mahgoub
Samir Darwish
Mark Ulyseas

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