Reem Najmi – Love

Reem Najmi LE Arabic Poetry September 2023

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Live Encounters Arab Poets in Translation August 2023

Love, poems by Reem Najmi.



I cannot define love-
But I think it is those minutes
In which I miss you
When you go out to buy bread
Sunday morning.


Your fingers
Make me shiver
They are clean as a white cloud
Your fingers that caress me in the cinema
And turn the pages with
Your fingers that rest on it
The tired angels
And the nymphs revolve around.


Remove the glove

The Night gets a job

After he finishes his role in the poem of a great poet
The night returns home
He takes off his socks
And he opens the refrigerator
And he drinks what’s left of yesterday’s beer.

He played a small role in the poem
Because his stomach did not allow him to play a greater role.
Nevertheless, he was happy with the job.

Before this
He was homeless
He guards lovers in return for being warmed by kisses

© Reem Najmi

Reem Najmi (1987) is a Moroccan poet and writer. She has been working as a journalist and broadcaster for the German channel Deutsche Welle since 2012. She has published three poetry collections: “Sky Blue” 2008, “My Heart was Like a Sunday” 2011, and “Be Innocent like a Wolf” 2018. She also published a novel entitled “Anatomy of Desire” 2022.