Live Encounters Poetry & Writing
Special Australian Edition August 2023

LE P&W August 2023

Audrey Molloy – guest editorial
Mark Tredinnick
Denise O’Hagan
Geraldine Mills
Terry McDonagh
Anthony Lawrence
Tricia Dearborn
Jo Lyons
Daragh Byrne
Esther Ottaway
Rico Craig
Judith Beveridge
Alison Gorman
Damen O’Brien
Daniel Lusk
Ella Jeffery
Richard W Halperin
Peter Boyle
Judith Nangala Crispin
Edward Caruso
Gary Fincke
Jonathan Cant
LaWanda Walters
Geoff Callard
Mona Zahra Attamimi
Nathanael O’Reilly
Olatundji Akpo-Sani
Paris Rosemont
KA Rees
Stephen Edgar
John Robert Grogan
Shey Marque
Erin Shiel
Willo Drummond
Debbie Lim
Dimitra Harvey
Scott-Patrick Mitchell
Simone King
Juan Armando Rojas
– Translated from Spanish by Dr. Salwa Gouda

Please help by donating any amount for this just cause as events in 2023 are threatening the very future of Live Encounters.

LE P&W August 2023PDF


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