Live Encounters Magazine August 2020

Live Encounters Magazine August 2020 banner

Dr Arvind Gupta –
Surviving and Flourishing in a Turbulent World

Dr Bibhu Prasad Routray – Nagaland: Mirage of Peace
Dr Brijesh C Purohit – Healthcare
During Corona Pandemic in India

Dr Howard Richards –
Why Saving the Biosphere is Impossible Now,
and the Unbounded Approach to Making It Possible

Dr Kaustubh Dhargalkar
Reimagining Business in Disruptive Times
– It’s Logical

Hedy Habra – Tai Chi
Joana Stella Kompa – What we easily forget
when focussing on Digital Competencies:
Thinking Out Loud during the COVID crisis

Mark Ulyseas – Hmong Headgear

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Please help by donating any amount for this just cause as events this year are threatening the very future of Live Encounters.


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