Live Encounters Poetry & Writing September 2017

When a poet falls in love, or, when a person falls in love and becomes a poet, they tend to list their loved ones’ body parts and compare them to their own sense of perfection until eyes become green as pools of Benjamins; lips lure like whiskey and cocaine; hair dangles fourteen karat chains; and the new car smell of supple Corinthian leather with cognac stains and blood. – John FitzgeraldOn Love and Poetry

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Alice Kinsella – Mea Culpa
Anton Floyd – By What Measure?
Bob Shakeshaft – First Flush
Brian Kirk – Broken Lights
Carl Scharwath – Natality
Geraldine Mills – Missing Him Missing Me
Hongri Yuan – Wings of the Phoenix
Jim Burke – The West End House
Jim Meirose – Middle School, P.M. (With Janie)
Laura J Braverman – Urdhva Dhanurasana
Michael Durack – No Bridges
Nasrin Parvaz – My Red Father

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