Live Encounters Poetry & Writing August 2017

Poetry will continue to be written by the brave, the genius, the stupid, the hopelessly in love, the wayfarer, those who arrive, those who are about to depart, those who want to be regarded as poets. Whatever! Poetry is a need…. – Randhir Khare, Indian Poet

Live Encounters Poetry & Writing August 2017

Alex Skovron – Temptation
Kevin Brophy – An Adjective World
Susan Hawthorne – Underworlds
John Foulcher – Linguist in Love
Jane Williams – Discovering Iris
Susan Condon – Parting Words
Doreen Duffy – Sweet Night
Loretta Collins Klobah – Song of the Harpy
Anca Mihaela Bruma – In Another World
Laura Solomon – The Scarecrow
Jim Meirose – Huh? (#1)
Hongri Yuan – Memory of Heaven

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