Live Encounters Magazine August 2017

The women in India’s North-Eastern state facing rapes by armed forces occupying their land, the tribals in central India falling to bullets in the name of either a revolution or the law, followers of diverse faiths burnt and killed in many parts of the world – all of these are the visible imagery of silence in our time. These imageries are atleast visible. There are then the invisible losers of their native tongues, only occasionally reported in NatGeo or similar media shows. And, finally, all of us, almost without any exception, the severely alienated, isolated, unable to experience relations in any depth too are marooned in silence in our time. In a way, the question of silence is as important, or perhaps even more important than, the question of violence in our time. – Professor G N Devy, The Question of Silence

Live Encounters Magazine August 2017

Professor Ipshita Chanda – The Poetry of Dwelling
Professor Mini Chandran – Literary Dissent in the Democratic Space
Professor G N Devy – The Question of Silence
Dr Bibhu Prasad Routray – China’s New Game in India’s Northeast
Mark Ulyseas – Blood Ritual
Mikyoung Cha – Uspenski Cathedral
Roesy – Wolf Counsel
Randhir Khare – Music From The Edge
Ozlem Warren – Mevlubi
Patricia Fitzgerald – Mandala for August

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