04 APRIL 2017

Dr Namrata Goswami – Deconstructing ISIS…
Dr Fazzur Rahman Siddiqui – Political Islam and the Arab Uprising
Dr Ivo Coelho – Falling Cherry Blossoms
Dr Candess M Campbell – Assessing Your Beliefs
Dr. Debarati Halder – Cyber Crimes Against Women in India
Cauvery Ganapathy – Strategic Ambiguity…
Jill Gocher – The Last of the Headhunters
Mark Ulyseas – Life in Death
Mikyoung Cha – First Footfalls of Spring…
Sally McKenna – Bain taitneamh as do bheile!
Ozlem Warren – Sebzeli Firin Levrek
Patricia Fitzgerald – Mandala for April

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