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First Footfalls of Spring in my town, photographs by Mikyoung Cha

Mikyoung Cha is a graduate in Oriental Painting from Hyosung Women’s University, Daegu, South Korea. She has participated in a number of group art exhibitions in South Korea and Japan. In 2016 she took up photography – the camera becoming her paint brush. This globe trotting photographer is a regular contributor to Live Encounters Magazine.

When Mother Nature returns from her winter sojourn she serenades my town, Daegu, with a bouquet of flowers. Windflowers or Shady anemones, dog’s tooth violets, pheasant’s-eyes, cherry and peach blossoms are just some of the colours from Nature’s palette, which gets more vibrant as we slip into April.

Enjoy this bouquet of images I have gathered for you.

A Windflower, also known as Shady Anemone.© Mikyoung Cha
A Windflower, also known as Shady Anemone.

Dog’s-tooth violets. © Mikyoung Cha
Dog’s-tooth violets.

Pheasant’s-eye. © Mikyoung Cha

Flower of the ginger tree. © Mikyoung Cha
Flower of the ginger tree.

Magnolia © Mikyoung Cha

White Apricot blossoms. © Mikyoung Cha
White Apricot blossoms.

Azalea. © Mikyoung Cha

© Mikyoung Cha

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