Patricia Fitzgerald – Mandala for April

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Mantra of the Mandala for April by Patricia Fitzgerald, Irish Mandala Artist, Healing Creations.


Heart Opening Mandala

Throughout our lives, things we have been taught, experiences that we may have had where we have been hurt in some way can cause us to put a protective barrier around our heart.  If you take the time to meditate, gaze at the mandala, close your eyes and tune inside. Take a deep, slow gentle breath in and fill your body with awareness. Begin to feel heart your heart radiating and your whole body tingle with aliveness. Allow your heart to fill with gratitude, even if it is for something as small as a hot cup of tea.

Allow yourself to breathe any toxins out and to let go of any hurt or stress you may feel. Rest in stillness for a moment before breathing in again. Breathing deeply and easily you will feel yourself dropping inside, connecting and coming to inner peace. Feel the flow of life gently flowing through your body as your heart expands.


Patricia studied Visual Education and Communication at Dun Laoghaire College of Art & Design (IADT) and also holds a first class honours degree in Philosophy and Sociology from University College, Dublin. Her first book Healing Creations: Discover your mindful self through mandala colouring and journaling was published in September 2016 by The Collins Press. She hosts workshops on the art of mandala and meditation both in Ireland and abroad. You can see more about her work at

© Patricia Fitzgerald

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