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Assessing Your Beliefs – Dr Candess M Campbell, #1 Best-selling Author, Intuitive Mentor, Speaker, and International Psychic Medium Healer.

How important are your beliefs anyway? In Week Five of 12 Weeks to Self-Healing: Transforming Pain through Energy Medicine, assessing your beliefs is explored. So first of all, what are beliefs? You may find they are attitudes, viewpoints, ideas, thoughts, values, perceptions, and more.

A recent video I listened to by Greg Reid in my iLA program talked about how we are most influenced by the people we are around and the books we read. You may notice how you developed your beliefs based on the people and books that influenced you. He said that you are the average of the five people you are around the most. This means in your lifestyle, your income, your values, etc. Therefore, your choices of what you do and with whom you do it, really does affect the quality of your life.

A foundational belief presented in my book is that physical illness has its origin in beliefs, and beliefs create emotional responses. When I assess a client to create a treatment plan, I focus on the person’s history, the stories they tell themselves about the past, and their emotional response to those stories. When a client comes in with a physical ailment, more often than not, the pain changes or goes away due to the use of the tools provided to them. Pain, like emotion, comes and goes. When the pain returns, these tools provide the opportunity for people to impact their lives in a healing way. You can access the tools in the book and some on my website.

It is important to know that you choose your beliefs and each person gets only a glimpse of the truth. In a workshop I facilitated entitled Essential Peacemaking: Women and Men; this one-day workshop brings men and women together in communication. One of the sessions covers the Truth Box and collaborative sharing, which offers a great example of perception. Three sides of the box have a hole. During the workshop, we insist that the content of the box is the Absolute Truth! Each person looks into a hole to find the truth, and inside the box are three different pictures. One person looks in and sees a beautiful mountain. Another sees a warm beach, and the third sees the picture of a gorilla. Each person is encouraged to defend their perception and find others who agree. Each picture is the truth, but not the whole truth. This exercise, coupled with the processes of the whole day, help participants to open their minds to the perceptions of others.

We all have only a slice of the truth. This is our perception, upon which we build our beliefs. As a therapist, I have been honored to hear the beliefs of many people and learn how their lives are intertwined with their beliefs.

Another influence around belief for me was when I attained a certification in Reality Therapy, a concept developed by Dr. William Glasser. You can find more on this in his book Choice Theory.

At the time I was the Clinical Director of a Chemical Dependency and married to a man who also worked at the agency. We had completed the certification together and both tended to be what I refer to as “heady.” Our conversations were often intellectual and creative. What I found was the pattern of getting home from work, having a nice dinner cooked by my husband, and resting. When it was time to sleep, my mind would race and I’d ruminate for hours. Continually reliving the day, reworking conversations, and second-guessing my choices in words or works wasn’t conducive to sleep! I was very aware of my self-talk. Although it was not always negative, it was all encompassing. Choosing to just live with it, I accepted my self-talk as a necessary evil in running a treatment program.

I have since learned to challenge the negative self-talk and quiet my mind. This was done through a deliberate and challenging process using hypnotherapy, which we covered in Week Four, as well as meditation, which is covered in Week Eight. You can stop the chatter in your head and replace it with loving, supportive thoughts and the tools at the end of this article and in my book.

First, let’s look at the danger and drawback in the New Age concept of “creating with our beliefs.” Given the premise that we create and manifest with our beliefs, the natural next step is to believe we create our illness. At some level this is true, but I remember at a Medical Intuition Training, Caroline Myss said that most of us are not able to manifest healing or create illness instantaneously, because in order to do so, we need to have our attention in present time. Most of us hold our attention in the past or future. Works on energy medicine often explain that illness is created in our etheric field—our subtle energy body that is around our body—years before it manifests within our body.

Also, in his 1990 book, Quantum Healing: Exploring the Frontiers of Mind/Body Medicine, Deepak Chopra said he “would argue that our inner space is a rich field of silent intelligence, and that it exerts a powerful influence on us.” Although we have a constant stream of consciousness, Chopra focuses on the healing aspect of your inner self as this silent intelligence, which he explains to be the silent gap between your thoughts. He elaborates: “The universe was created once, but we re-create ourselves with every thought.” When discussing whether it is the head or heart that determines our interpretation of situations, he explains, “Something deeper, in the realm of silence, creates our view of reality.” It is the constant chatter in your mind that keeps you from this inner intelligence, which is the part of you that is all-intelligent; it is this constant chatter that keeps you from the self-healing part of your being.

Chopra notes, “It is possible to spend a lifetime listening to the inventory of the mind without ever dipping into its source.” We must learn to access the gap between each thought, which is the place in which the intelligence lies. Chopra suggests that just before falling asleep, the mind gradually leaves the waking state. It withdraws the senses, shuts out the waking world, and a brief gap opens at the junction point before the mind actually falls asleep. This gap is identical to the one that flashes by between each thought. It is a like a little window into the field that is beyond either wakefulness or sleep.

I also described this light trance “twilight state” in the week on hypnotherapy. It is a good time to give yourself suggestions, as well as to go inward to your own inner silence.

In addition to accessing the gap between each thought through hypnotherapy and meditation, here are some tools and exercises to help you access and shift your beliefs. Be aware of your response and find what works best for you.

  1. Take some time to think about your beliefs. Talk with your friends and family about them, and journal as well. You can do so in the following format:
  2. Write about your attitudes, viewpoints, ideas, thoughts, values, and perceptions that are They are unchangeable.
  3. Write down attitudes, viewpoints, ideas, thoughts, values, and perceptions that you are unsure about. They may be changeable.
  4. Write about attitudes, viewpoints, ideas, thoughts, values, and perceptions that you would be terrified to change.
  5. What are your attitudes, viewpoints, ideas, thoughts, values, and perceptions that keep you ill?
  6. What attitudes, viewpoints, ideas, thoughts, values, and perceptions may allow you to heal?

Having read about the subconscious and conscious minds, write out some beliefs you would like to change. Use the self-hypnosis tools you learned in the fourth week to change these beliefs. You can do this by intention. Write down the belief, and allow your subconscious mind to grant your intention.

You can find more information about the book 12 Weeks to Self-Healing: Transforming Pain through Energy Medicine – http://candesscampbell.com/books/12-weeks-to-self-healing


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