Live Encounters Photography December 2016

I believe that once a photographer, always a photographer. When it takes hold of you and leads you on to always just finding that one fabulous shot, or just waiting for that perfect light to find a break in the clouds, you pretty well know you are there. While for some it is writing that thrills, grappling with the words, or for others, some kind of passive entertainment, photography kind of includes all and does away for the need of external stimulation. It is always there. – Jill  Gocher


Andre de Haan – Nature in Holland
Eleanor Moseman – Home of the Traveler
Jill Gocher – Guest Editorial and Boudhanath
Joo Peter – Geikos in Kyoto
Lopamudra Talukdar – A Fishy Story
Luciana Ferrero – Tenganan Pegringsingan
Mark L Chaves – Phuket Thailand
Mark Ulyseas – Etcetera
Mikyoung Cha – Homage to Kāśi
Sourav Jourdar – Durga Puja
Tjandra Hutama K – The Sacred Janggan
Vivek Mehra – Incredible India


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