Live Encounters Conservation December 2016

While in common speech we interchange the term ‘persons’ with ‘people’ or ‘humans’, they are not the same. A person is actually any individual being – elephant, human, clone, entity from another galaxy – that we respect enough to confer them a basic moral right. We respect their right to live a meaningful life, to have their individual liberty protected and to be free from torture. – Dr Margi Prideaux


Chris Mercer – De-constructing the Canned Lion Industry
Donna Mulvenna – King of the Amazon Rainforest
Dr Bayu Wirayudha – Preservation work by FNPF Kalimantan
Dr Chong Shimray – Teaching Environmental Education in India
Dr Margi Prideaux – Guest Editorial – Wildlife as Persons…
Ernie LaPointe – A Vision for the Future
Kathie Stove – Field Notes
Mark Ulyseas – Religion and Pollution
Randhir Khare – The Dangs Sacred Green
Suzanne Asha Stone – Return to the Wild
Tony Bartram – Agents of Change
Valmik Thapar – Game Changer for Forest India


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