Live Encounters Arts & Culture December 2016

When exploring how women became powerful and what prevented them from being appropriately represented in history textbooks Herrin found how (male) historians’ preoccupations with their own prejudiced view of women as weak and unimportant had prevented them from making due reference to women’s enormous contribution to society.     – Dr Greta Sykes


Dr Greta Sykes – Byzantian women
Dr John Zavos – Public Hinduisms
Dr Stephen Haven – The Persistance of Poetry
Emma Barone – Fabulous Shoe Show
Harish Nambiar – On Khajuraho
Mark Ulyseas – An enlightened New Year
Miriam Isabelle Cherribi – Why we need Museums
Natalie Wood on Leonard Cohen
Ozlem Warren – Kaymakli Ekmek Kadayifi
Patricia Fitzgerald – From a Thin Place
Professor Unni Wikan in an interview
Sue Healy – Artist Residencies


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