Live Encounters Poetry October 2016

These are songs from twelve poets. The musical notes are words that are deftly drawn into a montage of thoughts, filigreed by images and moving to the rhythms in each poet’s world. All are invited to these worlds. Admission free.

Live Encounters Poetry October 2016

Anton Floyd – Threnody
Courtney Lavender – Desert Hands, Dublin Heart
John Pinschmidt – Gifts of Time
Mae Newman – Two Poems
Maria Wallace – Against Silence
Matthew Rice – Six Poems
Michael J Whelan – War
Nasrin Parvaz – Women in Iran
Paul Casey – From Which it is Torn -III
Randhir Khare – At the World’s End – II
Shahbano Aliani – Said the Reed
Terry McDonagh – A Gypsy Woman in Ireland


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