Live Encounters Magazine October 2016

World leaders that peddle democracy can themselves be accused of using it as a sword to dismember nations, to bring down legally elected representatives of the people and to create confusion for narrow plutocratic objectives. Their brothers in arms are a burgeoning new brand of self-appointed gendarmes for human rights, many of whom have agendas to spread disinformation about a people or country so as to internationally discredit either or both for the purpose of self-profit. Following them closely are the rabid dogs of the merchants of democracy whose sole aim is to bring the targeted country under their control for economic benefit and in some cases, for political or religious reasons. – Mark Ulyseas


Carl W Ernst – Situating Sufism and Yoga
Deborah Lavin – The Battle of Cable Street
Dr Candess M Campbell – 7 steps to Intuitive Healing
Dr Howard Richards – South African Elections 2016
Mark Ulyseas – Us, Them and Democracy
Mikyoung Cha – Stunning views of Hội An
Nivedita Jayaram – Failure of institutionalised cooperation in South Asia
Ozlem Warren – Simit Kebabi Gaziantep Style
Patrick Sakyi – Farming Life in Ghana
Professor John Braithwaite -A Family Destruction Lens on Warfare
Tom Kilcourse – Balanced Societies


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