Live Encounters Poetry March 2016

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“In its six years, Live Encounters has never been mainstream. It has been political, social, a little economic and always critical and left of centre. This time, it’s delving into the rarefied world of poetry which might seem a little strange at first, but, on second thoughts, it makes sense. The Irish poet, Patrick Kavanagh said, Poetry made me a sort of outcast and I became abnormally normal. Live Encounters is abnormally normal – it deals with issues that really matter – with people who look to mystery and strange words beyond the everyday for guidance. Michael Longley said, if I knew where poetry came from, I’d go there.”           Terry McDonagh, Celebrated Irish Poet, Playwright and Writer.

Live Encounters Poetry inaugural edition March 2016

David Almaleck Wolinsky – Beggar of the World
David Morgan – Urban Anxieties
Deborah Lavin – Sharp Memories
Deirdre Grimes – It Will Come
Geraldine Mills – The Other Side of Longing
Greta Sykes – Poems on War and Peace
Ingrid Storholmen – Selected Poems
Joachim Matschoss – Thinking in Fragments
Michael Durack – Alchemy
Nasrin Parvaz – Selected Poems
Randhir Khare – In Prague
Terry McDonagh – Guest Editorial Inaugural Live Encounters Poetry Edition

Live Encounters Poetry March 2016

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