Live Encounters Magazine March 2014

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Terry McDonagh – Anita Mackay – Dr.Rosa Freedman – Dr. Ivo Coelho – Natalie Wood – Malcolm Harper – Jill Gocher  – Vandana Vasudevan – Dr. Candess Campbell – Professor Vamsee Juluri

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Dr. Rosa Freedman – On Politicisation of Human Rights – interview with Mark Ulyseas
Anita Mackay – Accommodating people in cages and shipping containers: the reality of overcrowded prisons
Malcolm Harper and Lalith Iyer – Rescuing Railway Children
Terry McDonagh – Poem – So Much Depends on Death
Professor Vamsee Juluri – Hinduism and its Culture Wars
Dr. Ivo Coelho – A New Science of Economics? Bernard Lonergan’s Proposal
Vandana Vasudevan – It’s my right to offend. How dare you be offended!
Natalie Wood – The Many Faces of God’s Military Lion
Jill Gocher – Photo Gallery – Kathmandu Cham
Dr. Candess M Campbell – Love Marriage or Arranged Marriage?
Mark Ulyseas – The Caste System and Human Rights in India

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