Live Encounters Poetry & Writing
Volume One Nov-Dec 2023

LE P&W Vol One Nov-Dec 2023

Terry McDonagh – Guest Editorial
Alan Walowitz
Angela Patten
Anita Arlov
Anne Collins
Anne Carson
Daniel Lusk
Dimitris P. Kraniotis
Edward Caruso
Gail Ingram
Geraldine Mills
Jonathan Cant
Kate Mahony
Magdalena Ball
Mark Laurent
Michael Minassian
Noel Monahan
Rachel Coventry
Richard W Halperin
Sinéad McClure
Stephen Edgar
Sven Kretzschmar
Valentina Teclici
Yan Kouton
Cathy Altmann presents
four young poets from Melbourne

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LE P&W Vol 1 Nov-Dec 2023downloadpdf


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Volume One Nov-Dec 2023”

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