Mark Laurent – I Met an Ent

Laurent LE P&W 1 Nov-Dec 2023

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14th Anniversary Edition, Live Encounters Poetry & Writing Volume One Nov-Dec 2023

I Met an Ent, poems by Mark Laurent.

I Met An Ent

I met an Ent today in Albert Park
“Uncommon sight in Hobbiton”, you say
Perhaps he’s waiting there ‘til after dark…
Stopped to rest in Auckland on his way

I stopped to chat as politeness requires
Though this may take some time, I’m sure you know
For Ents are not the quickest of repliers
I had some ease, and nowhere else to go

I chirped in with a Hobbitish “Good day”
Then waited there and waited there some more
And when his Ent-ish answer finally came
It wasn’t quite what I had bargained for

“Herumph, yes it’s an Entish day my dear
And hotter than I’d bargained for, I’ll say
I really need a fountain full of beer
Is there one near, can you point the way?”

“I’m sorry sir but Hobbiton is dry
Our fountains only have water on tap.”
His leaves rustled, or was that sound a sigh?
After quite a long time he barked, “Crap!”

Next time I meet an Ent in Albert Park
I think I’ll smile and quietly go my way
In case his bite is worser than his bark
– You don’t get sworn at by a tree most days.

Masks And Chains

I’m not superstitious
There’s a black cat standing at my door
I’m going to let him in
He just wants some fuss
We all need a friend

And if the sun should rise
In the middle of the night
I won’t close my eyes
That’s just fine by me
Must be how it’s meant to be

I’m not superstitious
Though this world weaves a web of chains
And we all live like slaves
But I’m rattling my cage

Ever since I was quite small
They told me “this is it” and “that is all”
But I don’t believe that
I don’t believe that

You can take away the veils and shadows
Because I won’t fade away
I’ll be the same as today
There’s no reason to be afraid

Though life is just a breath
Still I’m not dead
And breathing is enough
When you’re in love with life
The masks and chains fall off

I’m not superstitious
There’s a ladder standing in my path
I could walk under it
Maybe I’ll climb it
just because I can.

© Mark Laurent

Mark Laurent is a professional musician, composer, record producer and author. He’s recorded over 20 albums, published 4 collections of poetry, an illustrated children’s storybook, and is currently working on a memoir as well as an anthology of work from the last 45+ years. Mark has written articles and reviews for New Zealand and international magazines. He lives in Auckland.

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