Live Encounters Special Edition of Modern Arabic Poetry in Translation June 2022

LE P&W Modern Arabic Poetry June 2022 bannerc


Guest Editorial by Jonas Elbousty & Osama Esber
Jonas Elbousty
Osama Esber
Abderrahim El Khassar
Adel Khozam
Ahmed Almulla
Aisha Al Saifi
Akram Alkatreb
Ali Al Ameri
Asmaa Azaizeh
Azmy Abdel Wahab
Elkhidr Choudar
Fadi Saad
Firas Sulaiman
Furat Esbir
Hashem Shafiq
Hassan Najmi
Jawdat Fakhreddine
Kahtan Mahboub Mandwee
Khaled Bensalah
Miled Faiza
Mohamed Ahmed Bennis
Nagat Ali
Narin Derky
Qassem Haddad
Sinan Antoon
Wafai Laila

Note: Individual profile pages will be uploaded once back end work on the site has been completed.

LE P&W Arab Poets June 2022PDF

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