Live Encounters Magazine July 2018

By creating a possibility where North Korea is talking directly to the U.S. limits China’s role in the talks. By agreeing to meet at Singapore and not Beijing, for the summit further creates neutral ground. China’s activities in the South China Seas, the Indian Ocean, and in its borders with India and Bhutan, have created grounds for a larger U.S. role… For now, it all seems a bit surreal for Kim and he indicated as much, soon after he met Trump; “it sure feels like a science fiction movie”. – Dr Namrata Goswami

Live Encounters Magazine July 2018

Dr Namrata Goswami – U.S.-North Korea – Science Fiction?
Dr Bibhu Prasad Routray – New force against India’s Left-wing Extremists
Dr Ivo Coelho – Science, Common Sense and Faith
Dr Peter Gonsalves – Gandhi and the Popes
Mark Ulyseas – Hanoi Street Artwork Long Bien Bridge
Dr Candess M Campbell – Matching Energy
Andrea Lamberti – Arum Lilies
Joo Peter -Glimpses of Santeria Cult
Mikyoung Cha – Drawing back the bamboo curtain
Ozlem Warren – Balkabagi Corbasi

Live Encounters Magazine July 2018 s


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