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Matching Energy by Dr Candess M Campbell, #1 Best-selling Author, Intuitive Mentor, Speaker, and International Psychic Medium Healer.

When I was taking classes in Meditation and Healing at the Church of the Divine Man many years ago, they taught about “matching” other people’s energy. An example is, if you are around someone who is angry, you may match him or her and become angry. When you are around someone peaceful, you can match him or her and become peaceful. I have been teaching this in my counseling practice for years and helped clients understand they can change how they feel by becoming aware and making choices.

I remember reading a study in one of my books (which I cannot find) where they studied three plants. One control plant was watered without any variables. The second plant was watered with water held for a period of time by someone who was very happy and positive. The third plant was watered with water that was held for a period of time by someone who was clinically depressed. Of course, the result was the plant watered by the person who was happy grew the most. The second plant, the control plant’s growth was less than the first and the plant watered by the person who was depressed had stunted growth.

Physics has taught us that everything is energy, including humans, and it makes sense we affect each other in subtle and powerful ways. When I feel blue, a little grumpy, I will put on a CD by someone like Wayne Dyer to raise my mood, to shift my energy. Conversely, when I binge on country music from my childhood, remembering my dad who has passed, such as listening to Sunday Morning Coming Down by Kris Kristofferson, I have to pick myself up off the floor!

We are affected by those who are closest to us. Think about six people you spend most of your time with. How do you feel before you are with them? How do you feel when you leave their presence? You can use a scale from one to ten, with one feeling low energy, lethargic, negative and ten being, high energy, motivated and positive.

You can also shift your vibration to a higher level before you are in contact with people. You can listen to music that energizes you, get exercise and eat healthy, or read authors such as Neale Donald Walsh, the author of Conversations with God or James Twyman who I admire for this work as a Peace Troubadour. When you are with others then, you will help lift them to your vibration.

For years the focus on my work has been to empower others to access their Essence, to realize who they truly are and to manifest their dreams in their lives. I often read and listen to others that vibrate at a high level so I am focused, energized, and motivated by their work.

Please take some time to think about who energizes you.

Who helps you become your better Self. Who leads the way and makes it easier for you to excel and manifest your dreams. Think about who it is that drains your energy and leaves you feeling bad about yourself. Sometimes we can’t change who we are around, but we can use those who are motivating and inspiring to bring us back into balance.

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Candess M. Campbell, PhD is the author of the #1 Best-selling book on Amazon, 12 Weeks to Self-Healing: Transforming Pain through Energy Medicine and Live Intuitively: Journal the Wisdom of your Soul. She is an internationally known Author, Speaker, Intuitive Coach and Mentor and Psychic Medium. She specializes in assisting others to regain their own personal power, develop their intuition and live a life of abundance, happiness, and joy.

She specializes in DNA Activation and Karmic Clearing with a group of Ascended Masters called The Lords of Karma who include the Great Divine Director, El Morya, St. Germain, Maitreya, Kuthumi, Athena, Kwan-Yin, Clyclopea, Mary, Sananda and Lady Portia. Candess has been guided by this group of Masters since she was young.

At the core of her business, Vesta Enterprises, Inc., is the belief that all healing is self-healing and that becoming conscious and making positive changes increases one’s personal power and enjoyment of life. Firmly maintaining that people grow and benefit from feeling safe and receiving, her life’s work is in bridging spirituality and mainstream beliefs to promote and foster healing at all levels. http://energymedicinedna.com


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