Live Encounters Poetry & Writing June 2017

Welcome to another fabulous edition featuring poets from USA, Ireland, France, China, New Zealand and Australia. Poetry is not dead. It is alive, kicking and waiting for more readers to discover the wisdom of the poets, so please share this issue. Thank you.

Live Encounters Poetry & Writing June 2017

Thomas McCarthy – A Cork Fog
Laura Solomon – The Doctors
John W Sexton – Interstice I
Anne M Carson – Himmler Describes the Cathedral of Light
Daniel Wade – Sakura
Donna Prinzmetal – The Goodbye Train
Dr Robyn Rowland AO – Bus across night to Göreme, Turkey
Hongri Yuan – The Sun of Unknown Night
M L Williams – Aphasia
Mark Ulyseas – Review of Fixing the Broken Nightingale by Richard James Allen
Tina Shaw – Review of Vera Magpie by Laura Solomon
Hélène Cardona – Excerpts from Beyond Elsewhere

Live Encounters Poetry & Writing June 2017 s


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