Live Encounters Poetry & Writing April 2017

12 fabulous contributors in this April issue including Attar the 12th century Sufi mystic poet. Enjoy the read. And please share, it’s free!

Dr Greta Sykes – Razor Blades
Dr Margi Prideaux – Wanggami
Dr Stephen Haven – The Gist of it
Attar – The Conference of Birds translated by Sholeh Wolpé
Hongri Yuan – Wheel of the World
Ian Watson – Cold Call
Irene Kyffin – In Pursuit
Joachim Matschoss – The Boy under the Table
Michael J Whelan – The Hero
Niall Cahir – Ceased Fire
Phil Lynch – Lost Futures
Sholeh Wolpé – Bewitched

Live Encounters Poetry & Writing April 2017 s

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