Live Encounters Magazine April 2017

While it is one thing to depend on communities to detect signs of radicalization amidst them, it is often emotionally damaging to tell on your neighbor. What if it turns out to be a false alarm! The better path to intelligence is to recruit police, or other law enforcement officials, from communities where youths are susceptible to ISIS propaganda, whose task it is to get that job done; detect and deter. And often, they have the best interest of their own communities in mind and are trusted. Such methods have worked in other places, and could be replicated. In this, countries like Indonesia, India, Malaysia, have a lot to offer. The other is a ‘smear campaign’ where ISIS brutalities, hypocrisies, and lies, are exposed on a daily basis, by local sources. – Dr Namrata Goswami

Dr Namrata Goswami – Deconstructing ISIS: Full of Symbols, Less on Substance
Cauvery Ganapathy – Strategic Ambiguity…
Dr. Debarati Halder – Cyber Crimes Against Women in India
Jill Gocher – The Last of the Headhunters
Mark Ulyseas – Life in Death
Dr Candess M Campbell – Assessing Your Beliefs
Mikyoung Cha – First Footfalls of Spring…
Sally McKenna – Bain taitneamh as do bheile!
Dr Ivo Coelho – Falling Cherry Blossoms
Ozlem Warren – Sebzeli Firin Levrek 
Dr Fazzur Rahman Siddiqui – Political Islam and the Arab Uprising

Patricia Fitzgerald – Mandala for April

LE Mag April 2017 S

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