01 JANUARY 2017

Dr Aman M Hingorani – Kashmir – What Should Be Done
Dr Howard Richards – Keynes’ Limitations and Trump’s Disasters
Dr Namrata Goswami – China and the Social Contract
Dr. Michelle Burgis-Kasthala – Rethinking the ICC Project…
Elizabeth Harrop – Uganda: New insights to support girls…
Heidi Kingstone – Afghanistan in the balance
Kenro Izu – Searching for the Divine through the camera lens
Kirsty Anantharajah – Sri Lanka’s Universal Periodic Review…
Mark Ulyseas – PM Modi: Help Kashmiri Pandits and victims of anti-Sikh riots get justice
Mikyoung Cha – Visit to a Birch Grove
Ozlem Warren – Katmer Turkish Crunchy Pancakes
Vincent Devine – Ambigutrees

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