Vincent Devine – Ambigutrees


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Ambigutrees, artwork by Vincent Devine

Beginning his painting practice in 2008, subconscious undertones have always been prevalent in his work and he continues to be uncategorisable as an artist of a certain style due to his constant fluctuation into new and excited styles in his painting practice. With a plethora of celebrity endorsements from huge stars such as Shakira, and J.K Rowling to name a few, he has had work commissioned by Tyra Banks, Roisin Murphy, Iggy Azalea and has had his work feature on Madonna’s “Rebel Heart Tour”.

In 2016/2017 his work will enter a new arena again, one with an in depth exploration into the visual implications of the subconscious mind through various exercises and visual depictions. Vincent seeks to find answers to the subconscious undertones that have always informed his work yet eludes understanding on a conscious plane. His new work will be explored under the umbrella term “Dimensionism” and seeks to visually explain the inexplicable, paint the unpaintable.





© Vincent Devine

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