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The role of civil society in Sri Lanka’s Universal Periodic Review                                     – Kirsty Anantharajah, Centre for International Governance & Justice, RegNet.



Reprinted by permission of Regarding Rights.

Kirsty Anantharajah has degrees in Arts and Law (Hons I) from the Australian National University. She is currently based in Sydney where she is active in refugee legal protection. Kirsty is passionate about the Sri Lankan experience of rights. Her honours thesis was titled: Game playing in human rights regulatory regimes: Sri Lanka’s interactions with the Universal Periodic Review. Her writing surrounding various human rights issues in Sri Lanka has been published by OpenDemocracy, the Colombo Telegraph and Sri Lanka’s Law and Society Trust Review. Kirsty’s latest publication, ‘Crisis of Legal indeterminacy’  (in The Search for Justice: The Sri Lanka Papers Zubaan: 2016), was co-authored with Kishali Pinto Jayewardene, and examines Sri Lankan women’s experience of sexual violence and injustice during and after the civil war.

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