Live Encounters Poetry September 2016

‘Grace is the beauty of form under the influence of freedom’, penned Friedrich Schiller. If that’s true, poetry is the freedom of beauty through form, under the grace of influence. Poetry is the language of journey, of representation by way of our metalanguage of life-lexicons. It’s empathy with all things and beings! – Paul Casey, Irish Poet & Writer

Live Encounters Poetry September 2016

Paul Casey – Guest Editorial & Poems From Which it is Torn – 11
Anton Floyd – From The Levant
Breda Wall Ryan – In Plain Sight
Eileen Casey – Brought to Surface
John Walsh – Chopping Wood Poems
Maria Miraglia – That Love
Nasrin Parvaz – Immigrants
Patrick Cotter – Frayed Austerity
Randhir Khare – At The World’s End – I
Robin Marchesi – New Poems
Terry McDonagh – Two Poems for Young People
Thomas McCarthy – A Land Elsewhere

LE Poetry September 2016 S

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