Live Encounters Magazine October 2015

Breaking Bread in Peace with food from Indonesia by Putu Yudana, Laos Mong & Houa, Turkey Ozlem Warren, Jill Gocher, USA Ela Gori, Germany Gabrielle Borrmann and serenaded with country music from Austin, Texas, by Kori Jean & Kels of Mersi Stone!

Live Encounters Magazine October 2015

Dr Candess M Campbell – The Teacher Archetype
Ela Gori – Two Recipes From Minnesota
Gabrielle Borrmann – A Swabian Recipe for Chicken Curry
Jill Gocher – A Sweet Message from Turkey
Mark Ulyseas – Breaking Bread in Peace
Mersi Stone – A Live Encounter with Country Music’s First Ladies!
Mong and Houa of Luang Prabang – The Sandwich Maker
Natalie Wood – A Hungarian’s Love For Israel
Ozlem Warren – Delights and Street food from Turkey
Putu Yudana – Vegetarian Cuisine in Bali, Indonesia 
Tapan K Ghosh – Bollywood Baddies
Terry McDonagh – Dysfunctional Echolocation

Live Encounters Magazine October 2015 S

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