Live Encounters Magazine April 2014

 Live Encounters Magazine April 2014

Perinaz Avari – Regis Tremblay – David Morgan – Daya Somasundaram – Said Yousif AlMuhafdha – Terry McDonagh – Candess M Campbell –  Seth D Kaplan – Natalie Wood – Christoph Sperfeldt 

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David Morgan – The Kurds

Regis Tremblay – The Ghosts of Jeju – Interview with Mark Ulyseas
Said Yousif AlMuhafdha – On Bahrain Human Rights
Daya Somasundaram – On Scarred Communities
Seth D Kaplan – NOREF – Social covenants and social contracts…
Christoph Sperfeldt – Human Rights in DPRK
Terry McDonagh – Adieu
Dr Candess M Campbell – Why do People Cheat?
Natalie Wood – Anti-Jewish feeling…Ukraine Revolution
Perinaz Avari – Parsi Choi recipe

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