Perinaz Avari – Parsi Choi recipe

Perinaz Avari's - Mint and Cardamom Parsi ‘Choi’ or  Chai - Indian Tea

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Mint and Cardamom Parsi ‘Choi’ or  Chai – Indian Tea – Perinaz Avari 

A flavorful cup of Parsi ‘Choi’ or Chai-Indian Tea infused with mint and/or lemongrass, fresh ginger and cardamom, brewed to perfection.

Serves 2


2 cups water

8-10 mint leaves, shredded by hand

1 lemongrass leaf stalk, about 12 inches long, cut into 1-inch pieces (optional)

6 whole cardamom, pods cracked open (or ¼ teaspoon ground cardamom)

½ inch or 1 teaspoon fresh ginger root, peeled and grated, or cut in large pieces for a milder flavor

2 teaspoons loose black tea leaves or 2 bags of black tea

½ cup milk of choice (see note)

Sugar to your taste


In a deep saucepan, heat the water, shredded mint leaves, lemongrass, whole cardamom (open the cardamom pods and put the seeds and shells in) and grated or cut fresh ginger.

Bring the herbs and spices infused water to a rolling boil and add the black loose tea or tea bags. Let the black tea brew on the flame for 2 minutes and then add milk of choice.

Once the Chai preparation comes to a complete boil (keep an eye at this stage so the tea doesn’t boil over,) turn down the flame and simmer for 3 minutes till the flavors have blended and you see a rich brown color to the tea.

Strain the Parsi ‘Choi’ into a teacup and enjoy the steaming hot brew.

Note on Milk in ‘Choi’ Preparations

From fat-free to whole milk, and soya milk to rice or almond milk; feel free to use your milk of choice per dietary preferences in all Chai preparations. The recipe above provides a strong cup of Chai; for a milder outcome, increase the quantity of milk as per taste.

© Perinaz Avari


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