Mark Ulyseas - Sutra
Photograph by Mark Ulyseas

Sutra by Mark Ulyseas

Selfies at one time meant self-gratification. Now they are a socially acceptable display of narcissism.

Words seep into sinews and translate the sublime to the absurd for benign bovines ruminating with their fingers hip hopping across a keyboard. This is a homo sapien’s version of chewing the cud. Homo sapien is Latin for ‘wise person’. (Latin homō, man + Latin sapiēns, wise, rational, present participle of sapere, to be wise).  A comforting definition considering we evolved from apes.

Time is moving so fast that in a blink of an eye a pure thought is deliberately discarded like an unborn child and comforting misconception embraced. Life changes like a chameleon in the throes of the mating season. The moment is all that counts.  Regrets can always be passed onto another life time.

Beneath the veneer of social obligations lies an uninhibited spontaneous being shackled by guilt. Perhaps the devil is in the details.

A mundane life with a large dose of mendacity, interspersed with selfies helps one move to the rhythms of the drums, conundrums. Absence of mind is essential to achieve best results.

And in the melee of the madding crowd there remains a spark. But what do we light? The big bang is now a roll in the hay. And the light at the end of tunnel is just the end of a ciggy.

We go on living like rabbits, proliferating and being killed in the millions every year.

Perhaps we are like Bill Murray, the protagonist in the movie Groundhog Day where he relives the worst day of his life every day. And like Bill we may perhaps one day awake to another Sutra where we are different beings full of love, understanding, humble and non-violent.

I shall leave you now with this quote that is self-explanatory: Groundhog Day is now associated in the minds of many spiritual seekers with redemption, rebirth and the process of moving to a higher plain. Professor Angela Zito, the co-director of the Centre for Religion and Media at New York University, told me that Groundhog Day illustrated the Buddhist notion of samsara, the continuing cycle of rebirth that individuals try to escape. In the older form of Buddhist belief, she said, no one can escape to nirvana unless they work hard and lead a very good life. But in the teachings of the slightly more recently established Mahayana Buddhism, no one can escape samsara until everyone else does. “That’s why you have what are called bodhisattvas who reach the brink of nirvana and come back for others,” she said. “The Dalai Lama is considered one living bodhisattva, but Bill Murray could also be one.” –

The sutra continues to entwine us all together from birth to death.
One for all, and all for nothing.                               

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om

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© Mark Ulyseas 01 October 2015



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