Live Encounters Poetry & Writing
Volume Two Nov-Dec 2022

LE Poetry & Writing Vol 2 Dec 2022r


Angela Patten – Guest editorial
Emma Barone
Alan Walowitz
Alex Skovron
Angela Costi
Anne McDonald
Brian Kirk
Chad Norman
Charlotte Innes
Gordon Ferris
Hedy Habra
Jean O’Brien
John W Sexton
Jordan Smith
Katie Burke
Maeve McKenna
Margaret Kiernan
Mark Tredinnick
Mary Scheurer
Michael Farry
Michael Simms
Nagat Ali
Nidhi Srivastava Asthana
Noel Duffy
Noel Monahan
Rafael E  Fajer Camus
Ray Whitaker
Serena Agusto-Cox
Sven Kretzschmar
Susan Condon
Susana H Case
Vasilis Manousakis
Wendy J Dunn

Please help by donating any amount for this just cause as events in 2022 are threatening the very future of Live Encounters.

LE P&W V2 Dec 2022 PDF


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Volume Two Nov-Dec 2022”

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