Live Encounters Magazine April 2019

Peace is elusive because of inherited hate and religious bigotry. Beautiful gems of ancient knowledge, bridges to peace, have been consciously set aside by the few whose sole purpose is to divide, rule and plunder. Space is running out for people who want to live in harmony in their communities and with other communities — People who want to be treated with dignity, provided with affordable education, jobs, fair priced food and more. Words don’t provide this, the humane in humanity does. Unfortunately, rising inhumanity often snatches this away and kills the vulnerable faithful. – Mark Ulyseas

Live Encounters Magazine April 2019

David Morgan – Hope Lies in the Hands of the Youth
Dr Bibhu Prasad Routray – Pulwama Attack …
Dr Greta Sykes – Nature and the first class struggle in history
Dr Miranda Forsyth – Activating the Five Powers of Law
Eleanor Moseman – World Nomad Games
Emma Barone – Geometric Landscapes & Cityscapes
Mark Ulyseas – Kashmir Where Islamic fundamentalism faces off …
Mikyoung Cha – Sri Lanka where else?
Ozlem Warren – Pide Ekmek
Wolfgang Widmoser – Abstract Realism


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