Live Encounters Poetry & Writing June 2018

The story of poetry in its many versions is at its best in life-affirming moments such as birth, romance and in the many facets of coming and going. It is a celebration of everyday miracles. It blossoms in epic journeys, heroic battles, ancestoral memories and in character, narrative and landscape. It lives and breathes in stingy uncles and inheritance tax; in black wind and refugees struggling to be polite in a new language. – Terry McDonagh, Irish Poet & Playwright, in Live Encounters Poetry

Live Encounters Poetry & Writing June 2018

Katie Donovan – Ishi
Peter O’Neill – Plato’s Cave
Amy Barry – The highs and lows of life
Arthur Broomfield – When a visitor knocks
Book review of Jack Grady’s Resurrection
He Zhaolun – To retain the wind
Jim Meirose – The Great Red Spot
Noel Duffy – Copyist
Noelle Lynskey – Homeless
Owen Gallagher – Red Snow
Ron Carey – Sartre’s Crabs

Live Encounters Poetry & Writing June 2018 s


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