Live Encounters Poetry Festival 2016


The uniqueness of this 24 x 7 festival is that every visitor can conduct a one on one with a poet by reading the poems published in these four volumes, which have guest editorials by Noel Monahan, John Fitzgerald, Daniel Lawless and Eileen Casey. And for more of the 48 featured poets’ works one can go to any bookshop or website to buy their books. We have added web links in the poets’ profiles, wherever possible, to assist readers.

The Live Encounters International Poetry Competition 2017  will be launched in December 2016. Details to follow.

Keep poetry alive, nourish and rejoice in it, for it is the breath of Life.

Mark Ulyseas, Editor


We thank the following poets for their contribution to Live Encounters Poetry since its inception in March 2016:

Noel Monahan, Thomas McCarthy, Hélène Cardona, John Fitzgerald, Daniel Lawless, Eileen Casey, Eileen Sheehan, Doreen Duffy, Ingrid Storholmen, David Morgan, Greta Sykes, Joachim Matschoss, Michael J Whelan, Nasrin Parvaz, Deborah Lavin, Paul Casey, Deirdre Grimes, David Almaleck Wolinsky, Colette Nic Aodha, Elizabeth Harrop, Ian Watson, Jim Burke, Mary Melvin Geohegan, Noel King, Ainé Lyons, Anton Floyd, Courtney Lavendar, John Mullen, John W Sexton, Lynda Tavakoli, Robin Marchesi, Brian Kirk, Mike Gallagher, Barbara Flaherty, Jean James, Rachel Blum, Shahbano Aliani, Amy Barry, Carl Scharwath, Gary Allen, Susan Condon, Saliha Khan, Trevor Conway, Breda Wall Ryan, John Walsh, Maria Miraglia, John Pinschmidt, Matthew Rice, Mae Newman, Maria Wallace, Lee Upton, John Hoppenthaler, Richard Jarrette, Rachel Brownlow, Claudia Serea, Alessandra Bava, Patrick Cotter, Linda Ibbotson, Lauran J Braverman, Lynne Thompson, Joseph Black, Bob Shakeshaft, Kenneth Nolan, Simon Costelloe, Alice Kinsella, Daniel Wade, Roisin Brown, Elizabeth Ni Ruanaidhi, Harrison Whittle, Eldhose Alias, Geraldine Mills, Heather Brett and more.

And Founding Contributors (Live Encounters Magazine since 2010) Terry McDonagh and Randhir Khare

Note: If we have left anyone out kindly let us know.

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