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Yumurtali Pide by Ozlem Warren, Turkish Culinary Expert. 

Turkish Cookery Course in Jordan, September 27- 29, 2016

Merhaba all; Pide, Turkish oval flat breads, are much loved at home; they are the ultimate snack and our “to go” food, our version of “Pizza”. Many of you kindly expressed that you enjoyed my Pide with Spinach, Peppers and Feta as well as Pide with Ground Meat and Vegetables with recipes here and asked for variations. Hence comes this new Pide recipe with cheese, tomato with a cracked egg in the middle, Yumurtali Pide.

This pide hails from the Kayseri region in Middle Anatolia, where locals would also use region’s wonderful delicacy, Pastirma – dried cured and thinly sliced beef over the topping. An egg would be cracked in the middle of each pide at the last 4-5 minutes of baking and then baked further until the egg is just set, delicious. I used medium cheddar cheese (kasar as we call it in Turkish) along with grated mozzarella at the topping, they worked well. The addition of warm milk at this dough made the crust slightly softer with still a nice texture to it.

I hope you enjoy this delicious, easy to make Yumurtali Pide; you can alter the topping and add on your choice of cheese or slices of dried cured beef or pastrami too.  This wonderful Pide would also go down very well for Turkish style breakfast or brunch.

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02 Ozlem Warren Yumurtali Pide Live Encounters Magazine September 2016

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