Mark Ulyseas – Nepal Earthquake How much will everyone earn from this tragedy?

Photograph by Mark Ulyseas
Photograph by Mark Ulyseas

How much will everyone earn from the aftermath of the Nepal earthquake?                       by Mark Ulyseas

The massive earthquake in Nepal has brought out the usual suspects, Governments with agendas and the scavenging media. The constant barrage of aid that has yet to reach the people is now gathering dust because the Nepalese Customs ‘must check’ all cargo. International food aid includes mayonnaise, canned tuna, products containing beef, beef masala packets etc. (cow meat – Nepal is a Hindu country where the cow is the national animal). These food items are not part of the Nepalese diet. Therefore they have been rejected. What should be donated is vast quantities is rice, wheat, lentils, beans, cooking oil etc. It would appear that companies and certain agencies have been quick to offload their stocks without any discernable understanding of the Nepalese diet.  Is this profit speaking or mere over enthusiastic altruism?

The reportage by CNN’s very own Dr Gupta, shown conducting a brain operation etc. is a distasteful attempt at self-promotion. While roving photographers scavenging for the ‘ultimate’ photograph that will make them famous or rich or both, are in abundance.

I wonder if all these profiteers will share their ‘earnings’ from death and destruction with the victims?

One must congratulate governments and media for promoting select charities. But who audits these charities? And what percentage of the donations actually reach the intended people? It is claimed that for every dollar donated only 30 cents reaches the intended victim while the rest is spent on office space/overheads, transportation, salaries, etc. This does not include corruption, theft of aid for sale in the black market…

How will this end? How much aid will actually reach the wretched people of Nepal? How many will continue to live sordid lives steeped in poverty? (Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world where the per capita income is around US$800). So is this disaster a blessing in disguise? And will the enormous aid help the people or entice them away from self-reliance to depending only on aid?

And while the road show picks up in Nepal, the allies of Saudi Arabia are stopping and searching ships carrying aid to the suffering Yemeni civilians, many have been killed and maimed in an illegal war supported none other than by some donors to the Nepal disaster.

A natural tragedy on a national scale is business, potentially big business for all – media, industry and politicians…like flies feeding off a carcass…

…while the bombing of innocent Yemeni civilians is in the interest of humanity…for preservation of the freedom of speech.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om


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