Live Encounters Poetry & Writing August 2022

Tribute to John Maxwell O’Brien (August 14, 1939 – June 26, 2022), Irish-American Poet, Writer and contributor to Live Encounters Poetry & Writing.

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Tributes by:
Christine O’Brien
Bill O’Brien
Terry McDonagh
Lynda Tavakoli
Bernadette Gallagher
Shanta Acharya
Anton Floyd
Featuring John’s work published in Live Encounters over the years:
Aloysius the Great – Part I
Aloysius the Great – Part II
Aloysius the Great – Part III
Aloysius the Great – Part IV
Aloysius the Great – Part V
Haiku: A Baker’s Dozen
Haiku: Poems Pennyeach
Poems Ha’penny Each
James Walton, Review of
John Maxwell O’Brien’s Aloysius The Great
Extract from
Alexander The Great, A Lyrical Biography
by Christine O’Brien & John Maxwell O’Brien

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